Grudy and linc

So we had some special hardworking visitors last weekend.
Grudy came bearing gifts from the serendipitous one. Homemade and grown mandarin marmalade

And a candle for the short days and long nights.

Grudy brushcutted and barrowed, weeded and worked till dark. It was sad to see him go. We can’t wait until august. We get Grudy for a month!
Lincos recruited the 6 chicks for us. The extra hands also helped us with another 2 trailer loads of mulch and a new door in the shed wall.

We attended the Byron seed savers winter meeting at star seed farm. These events are so inspiring and I come away so excited to plant and grow and share more as I go. This is the Mexican tree flower whose leaves are like a vegetarian fertiliser. Just chop and drop after rain.

We piled up a hot compost 2 days ago which seems to be cooking nicely. Mostly from wood chips and weeds it is currently drying my wetsuit.

And in the meantime I have hyperextended my knee at soccer (really hoping I have not snapped any ligaments) and Luke had one of those days where you get stitches in your head for the fourth time in a year and then spill silver glitter glue all over yourself.



Outsmarted by a rodent

3rd night running and I was sure we had got him this time. We woke up to scuffles and celebrated as we imagined the little ratus in the trap we’d set. We planned our next step (who was going to deal with the thing) but no point. He had taken the bait and escaped scot-free, again. How could this happen!? Until I closely examined the trap.

So I have reset the trap in a more open space with no possible obstructions this time. Meanwhile ratus is rearranging his furniture under the bathtub.



On a slightly related note we have been making our 6 new female residents feel very welcome to their new home. Hooray for googies!


Pythons in cars and sooo many mandies

One month has flown by. We have been flat out waking up early, exploring, working, getting electricity to the carport and shed, rearranging the veggie patch in front of our place and watching the pythons move about.  I think there are 3. One of them becoming well acquainted with Lincolns engine block. Not sure what exactly to do ( if anything at all) we left the python there with the bonnet open, came back and it seems to have moved on. Possibly into one of the other cars.

this guy wants a lift to Bonville

this guy wants a lift to Bonville

Sweetest juicy goodness

Sweetest juicy goodness

The feeling you get after a descent feed. This ones been sleeping for days.

The feeling you get after a descent feed. This ones been sleeping for days.

Fitting a recycled sliding door into the shed wall. Lets in so much light.

Fitting a recycled sliding door into the shed wall. Lets in so much light.

Second opinions New chook palace Celine and the gang

We also adopted 6 chickens today. Friends of ours were sick of the chickens venturing into their house all the time so we offered to take them on. We have cleaned up the chooken area and put a roof over the chicken hut (using the piece of shed wall we cut out to put in a door). We have spotted one of the pythons in the tree right by the hut so hopefully it is secure and we don’t find one fat python tomorrow morning.