Outsmarted by a rodent

3rd night running and I was sure we had got him this time. We woke up to scuffles and celebrated as we imagined the little ratus in the trap we’d set. We planned our next step (who was going to deal with the thing) but no point. He had taken the bait and escaped scot-free, again. How could this happen!? Until I closely examined the trap.

So I have reset the trap in a more open space with no possible obstructions this time. Meanwhile ratus is rearranging his furniture under the bathtub.



On a slightly related note we have been making our 6 new female residents feel very welcome to their new home. Hooray for googies!



One thought on “Outsmarted by a rodent

  1. What are you going to do with Ratus? I thought the idea was to deal with it at point of capture… BANG!!

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