Grudy and linc

So we had some special hardworking visitors last weekend.
Grudy came bearing gifts from the serendipitous one. Homemade and grown mandarin marmalade

And a candle for the short days and long nights.

Grudy brushcutted and barrowed, weeded and worked till dark. It was sad to see him go. We can’t wait until august. We get Grudy for a month!
Lincos recruited the 6 chicks for us. The extra hands also helped us with another 2 trailer loads of mulch and a new door in the shed wall.

We attended the Byron seed savers winter meeting at star seed farm. These events are so inspiring and I come away so excited to plant and grow and share more as I go. This is the Mexican tree flower whose leaves are like a vegetarian fertiliser. Just chop and drop after rain.

We piled up a hot compost 2 days ago which seems to be cooking nicely. Mostly from wood chips and weeds it is currently drying my wetsuit.

And in the meantime I have hyperextended my knee at soccer (really hoping I have not snapped any ligaments) and Luke had one of those days where you get stitches in your head for the fourth time in a year and then spill silver glitter glue all over yourself.



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